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Because of the worldwide COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak, we’ve been forced to temporarily shut down shipping to certain countries! But we will keep open for business to most EU countries and most major countries outside of the EU: If the items in our store appear available to buy, then we will ship to you! If the items appear “unavailable to your country”, then it’s because we cannot ship there at the moment – but stay tuned for updates, as the situation changes almost daily!

We have our fingers crossed that the situation will improve during 2021, but until further news, all orders might expect some delays! If there’s a problem delivering your order – do not hesitate to ask us! Thanks for understanding, and good fortune to you all! 🙂


Seller terms and information about discountsgradings, etc. are available below here – it is mandatory that you read (and understand) this crucial information before ordering – if you’re looking for something specific, then just do a simple search (Ctrl+F or cmd+F) and find it here:

Q:How long does it take for my order to arrive?
A: For shipments sent within Denmark, delivery generally takes 1-2 weeks. For the rest of Europe delivery takes about 1-5 weeks, and for the rest of the world delivery time is usually 2-6 weeks, but sometimes less/more, depending on the speed of your local postal service and/or customs. ALL parcels will be sent with tracking. For alternative arrangements please contact us for more details.

Please note! Actual delivery time is the period from your parcel is shipped, until it arrives at the country of destination. The local postal handling and customs can prolong the delivery time. Once the parcel is outside of Denmark, we have NO CONTROL over final delivery – just like any other person sending parcels. We do not own the postal service, unfortunately.

Also, because of the COVID-19 Corona-situation, there are some countries that have massive postal delays at the moment – especially USA has had a lot of problems delivering their shipments at the normal rates.

Q:Is tracking included in the shipping price?
A: YES, mandatory TRACKED SHIPPING is included for ALL countries worldwide.
Please don’t ask us to send without tracking – we can’t do that.

Q:Where can I find my tracking number?
A: ALL TRACKING NUMBERS WILL COME TO YOUR PROVIDED E-MAIL 1-3 DAYS AFTER BEING MARKED “SHIPPED”, so please wait a few days before asking us to find the number for you – it will come automatically (if your e-mail is correct of course, and the spamfilter is off 🙂

You can use all provided tracking numbers on this page: PostNord International Tracking

Return policy:
WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PARCELS LOST IN TRANSIT! Once an item has been shipped, full ownership is transferred to the buyer. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items once they left the warehouse. Of course we’ll provide you with all information we have to locate your order. Please get back to us, and we’ll dive into it and send tracking info if available.

Q:My parcel was returned to you – how do we proceed?
A: Depending on the reason why it was sent back, we have different solutions – but we will always write to you in the timeline, if your parcel comes back. If no interest in reshipping, the buyer will be refunded the price of the items included in the order, but not the shipping cost.

Q:You told me I would get a refund ASAP – but it’s been more than 24 hours now, why is it taking so long?
A: We try to handle all refunds at the same time every day, as only one person has access to our PayPal-account. But in really busy periods, it can take up to 2-3 days before we get around to it – but please don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you! (Occasionally there can be some hold-up at PayPal though, so if it has been more than 2-3 days, just contact us again, and we’ll get right on the case of course).

Alrighty, if there’s no more questions, just order away!
– We’re looking forward to sending you some lovely sounds! 🙂

Best regards,
Team Vinyl.EU