Shipping terms

Shipping Terms

Accepted Payment Methods: Credit Card or PayPal
Automatic Cancellation Policy: Orders will be cancelled if payment is not received within 14 days.

Free shipping available for large/expensive orders!
Please note: 80 records per order is the absolute max, as we cannot send more than 20 kilo in 1 shipment! After 80xLP we will start over again with 1xLP and up.

Basic shipping costs for most countries:

1xLP = €10.
2-3xLP = €15.
4-7xLP = €20.

Full price charts for all sizes of orders to exact locations are viewable on our Discogs’ seller page: 

Please note:
2xLP = DOUBLE ALBUM (counts as 2 records)
3xLP = TRIPLE ALBUM (counts as 3 records), etc.
Three 7” singles count as one 12” record, usually 100 grams each.
Three CD’s count as about one 12″ record, usually 100 grams each. MAXIMUM amount is about 17 CDs in one 2 kilo parcel.
Two 10″ maxis count as one 12″ record.