Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I pay for an order? What currency do you use?
A: All prices are in € Euro! Payment ONLY with PayPal or Credit Card – NO BANK TRANSFERS!

Buying and paying on Discogs

Q: How can I get in contact with you?
A: Please contact us via Discogs messages through the TIMELINE of your order, and NOT by private e-mail messages (unless you have a general question not regarding a specific order, of course – if asking about a certain item, please include the direct link to that also, so we can find it easily). And please REMEMBER TO SEND US YOUR E-MAIL if you want pictures, etc.

Q: When can I expect an answer to my message?
A: We’re CLOSED during the weekends. For normal workdays in general we do our best to answer within 24 hous, but it can take a day or two before we get to your message (especially after the weekend, as we get MANY messages), but DON’T spam us, please – we will answer you as soon as we see your first message! 

Q: When do you send my order?
A: We send parcels out Monday – Friday from DENMARK, EUROPE.
Once your order is marked “Payment Pending”, we will go straight to the storage and pick up your records. Because of handling times, it usually takes 0-2 weekdays before we can mark it “Payment Received” (and then later in the process marking it “Shipped”).
That means, best case scenario, we will ship on the same day you order – and worst case, after 4 days. Most orders are on their way after maximum 2 days though 

WE ALWAYS SHIP TO THE ADDRESS STATED HERE ON DISCOGS, IF YOU’D LIKE TO HAVE THE RECORDS SENT TO ANOTHER ADDRESS, PLEASE LET US KNOW IN THE TIMELINE OF THE ORDER ASAP. – And please remember to add your FULL name, as postal services cannot guarantee 100% delivery with only half a name!

Q: Can you send parcels to my Post Box / Pack Station?
A: YES, we can send to P.O. Boxes – But we need to inform you, that when sending to those places, we cannot guarantee delivery, if there’s not a person present to ensure it gets delivered correctly. Tracking is still active of course. Is this okay with you, then we can send there, no problem.

Q: Can I pick up the records directly from you?
A: YES, local pick-up is also a possibility. In that case, just write so in the timeline when you make an order, and we’ll set shipping to 0 and arrange pick-up later (we will write you the address and our phone number when the order is ready). We normally only have pick-ups on wedensdays  from 9-12! If you’re just visiting, and you’d like to pick up another day, please write us first to make sure it’s possible – we’re usually quite flexible in most cases, except weekends!

Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive?
A: For shipments sent within Denmark, delivery generally takes 1-2 weeks. For the rest of Europe delivery takes about 1-5 weeks, and for the rest of the world delivery time is usually 2-6 weeks, but sometimes less/more, depending on the speed of your local postal service and/or customs. ALL parcels will be sent with tracking. For alternative arrangements please contact us for more details.

Please note! Actual delivery time is the period from your parcel is shipped, until it arrives at the country of destination. The local postal handling and customs can prolong the delivery time. Once the parcel is outside of Denmark, we have NO CONTROL over final delivery – just like any other person sending parcels. We do not own the postal service, unfortunately.

Q: Is tracking included in the shipping price?
A: YES, mandatory TRACKED SHIPPING is included for ALL countries worldwide.
Please don’t ask us to send without tracking – we can’t do that.

Q: Where can I find my tracking number?
A: ALL TRACKING NUMBERS WILL COME TO YOUR PROVIDED E-MAIL 1-3 DAYS AFTER BEING MARKED “SHIPPED”, so please wait a few days before asking us to find the number for you – it will come automatically (if your e-mail is correct of course, and the spamfilter is off 

You can use all provided tracking numbers on this page: PostNord International Tracking

Q: I have special requests about my order – what to do?
A: If you make an order and have a special request (details about item or such), we’ll make sure the item is as you want, and we can always cancel the order if it’s not. Just remind us in the timeline of the order, and you can hold payment until we make sure it’s what you want. PLEASE NOTE: Some items (especially those priced less than €10), we cannot check, as the processing time will be too costly for us. Please refer to the ratings guide if you’re unsure about the quality of the record (eg. “Good” = bad).

Q: Are you always 100% sure that your listed item is exactly like the item on the Discogs’ page?
A: Short answer: No. Long answer: We always try to match the exact item listed of course, but some records can be extremely difficult to identify, and can take excruciatingly long time to find, so occasionally we have to take a qualified guess, which exact item is our corresponding copy. But if you want to be 100% sure before we ship it – just ASK US about further information and/or a photo, and we will of course check this before sending the order out.

Q: How do you grade your records? And how does the gradings system work?
A: We do 99% of all our gradings VISUALLY only (because of time restraints). Our stock is more than half a million records. Rule of thumb: If you can feel it (ie. a scratch), you can hear it. So we do our best to look for any visual flaws, but even a flawless record can sound bad upon playback – in that case, just contact us, and we will find a solution later.

PLEASE NOTE: A sleeve graded as “Generic” does NOT have the original cover!
PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT grade inner sleeves! (there’s no option for that on Discogs), so if these are important to you, ASK us about them before we send out. Often they are not included, but sometimes they are! If we write “OIS” in the comments, then it has Original Inner Sleeve.