Looking for the missing piece of your collection, or want to find out more?
Here are some in-house favourites from our private collection.


Alice Coltrane

To commemorate Alice Coltrane’s birthday we dug out her early outings on impulse for this weekends inspiration.  Enjoy!

Black Jazz Records

Black Jazz Records released 20 albums showcasing black musicians exploring political and spiritual tones via jazz, funk and soul from 1971-75. The US label was founded in Oakland, CA by musician Gene Russell. The artists include Doug Carn, Rudolph Johnson, Walter Bishop jr., Calvin Keys Chester Thompson, Henry Franklin, Doug Carn, Kellee Patterson, The Awakening, Roland Haynes, Cleveland Eaton and the founder himself, Gene Russel. The original catalogue is made up from BJ/ 1 — BJQD/ 21, leaving out unlucky number 13.


Julie London

In 1955 Californian actress Julie London signed to Liberty Records and went on to release 32 albums of vocal jazz and traditional pop. Here are 9 of our favorite album covers that are more than easy on eyes. 


David Axelrod

Born in Los Angeles in 1933, he managed to secure himself as a producer for one of the city’s best-known record labels: Capitol. Their he became an Grammy Award-winning producer and wrote and produced dozens of great jazz, funk, and soul records during the 1960s and ’70s including wide range of artists like Stan Kenton, Lou Rawls, Electric Prunes & Cannonball Adderley.

David Axelrod forged his distinctive style while recording several of the most eccentric albums of the ’70s. His sound, as immediately recognisable heavy drums with rich orchestration and futuristic themes ranging from the environment to heightened mental awareness.  In the ’90s, his music re-emerged when artists from the hip hop community began frequently sampling his work. Axelrod has now become a cult hero for his productions and is well renowned by fans of jazz and psychedelic rock.